Founder and Head Trainer of Main Ridge, and owner of Lindy.
Courtney started Main Ridge as a side project, purchasing, training, and selling young “project” ponies.  As well as offering riding lessons to young riders to assist with pony training.  Out of this side project came Lindy! (Glynhafan Lindzor Tort) A former Main Ridge medium pony hunter projects who now calls Main Ridge her forever home.
With Main Ridge home base now in Ridgefield, Courtney plans to continue her pony projects.  In addition, she is offering a variety of other opportunities to young riders and horse lovers alike.

A graduate of Manhattanville College.  Courtney has had the privilege to work for top professionals in the Hunter/Jumper and Show Jumping industries.  As well as years of experience in the show ring and "on-the-road" experience form local to AA-Rated horse shows along the east coast.  


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2015 • CHJA Finals  

Adult Equiatation Champion


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 MAIN RIDGE, LLC.was established in May 2016 by a passionate equestrian professional seeking to design a new approach to educating fellow horse (and pony) lovers.  Offering opportunities to all, we are not your average riding lesson barn!  

Since September of 2017, Main Ridge has been restoring our family’s farm in Ridgefield, CT back into an operating status.  Continuing to be a family run facility.  A genuine love for horses forms our foundation.  Our passion for proper care and training creates the frame of how Main Ridge conducts our daily routine.   

A graduate of Roger Williams University, and owner of Mary.
In her time at Roger William, Stephanie was a member of RWU’s Division III Equestrian Team. 

Team Co-Captain her junior and senior years.  Some of Stephanie’s colligate riding accomplishments include:

          •  2017  Zone 1 Region 1  Champion, Intermediate Fences
          •  2017  Zone 1 Champion, Intermediate Fence
          •  2017  IHSA Nationals appearance

After a very successful senior year Stephanie returned to Ridgefield with a college degree in one hand, and lead rope in the other. Mary!  Former school horse turned Main Ridge mascot. After a long career in the jumpers, equitation, RWU school horse, and being a team favorite. Mary is now enjoying a well-deserved retirement Main Ridge!